FOP is a new currency of which 8 billion will be put into circulation. FOP looks like money but can not be used to buy things with. FOP is used to reward people, to give it away as a token of appreciation. FOP stands for the Foundation of Prosperity; an economy of love and attention! There are three FOP bills; 10,000, veer-blauw 20.000 FOP veer-blauw and 50.000 FOP. veer-blauw
How does FOP work? Do you want to express you appreciation to that one colleague that always helps you out with computer problems? Reward her with FOP! Does your neighbor invite you over for dinner when you just burned the lasagna? That truly is FOP worthy! veer-blauw Or that stranger who helped you out when your car battery died? Give him FOP! It doesn’t really matter what reason you have, big or small, express your appreciation and give FOP.
FOP is developed by artist collective Tilburg Cowboys. These money reformers hope that, with unselfishly rewarding, a new economy is unleashed. veer-blauw FOP: an economy where property has no meaning and where wealth is measured in the attention for each other. FOP is an award for unselfishness that let’s you do only one thing with it; pass it on to someone else who deserves it! This little circle of giving creates the Economy of Love and Attention; generous donors with a heart-shaped hole in their hands! veer-blauw
FOP is distributed in two ways:
1. The FOP Casino is a traveling object that distributes FOP. The FOP Casino is a nearly 6-metre high tower with a special one-armed bandit. The FOP symbol, a hand with a heart shaped hole, veer-blauw is the focus point of the tower. The FOP Casino can be entered as a duo. One gives, the other receives. The generous giver climbs the ladder, pulls the one-armed bandit and ‘wins’ a certain amount of FOP. The receiver, which is positioned at the foot of the tower, receives the FOP that is ejected by the casino. The FOP Casino is extremely generous; thousands and thousands of FOP are paid at once!
2. You can also request FOP online by submitting a request via this website! Let the Founders of FOP veer-blauw know how much FOP you want, who you want to reward and why you think this person deserves FOP. The Founders of FOP take each submitted application in sincere consideration. The amount of FOP will be send to the recipient by mail so the actual transmission can take place in person.
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